President's Report

​​​​Barbara Williams, Council President

February 2017

St. Johannes’ Committees Need You

     I have always loved our Taizé Chapel, but I will never see it quite the same. I’m willing to bet that most of those who attended the first of Pastor Karen’s Sunday sessions on Lutheran liturgy feel the same.
The series is an outgrowth of questions that developed during our forums on the two-service question. Pastor Karen reminded us during several of those sessions that when it comes to worship, one size doesn’t fit all.

     There are aspects of the Christian worship that were developed over the ages and there are reasons why you should be able to recognize a Lutheran church when you walk in the door, just as there are differences in the look of a Baptist or Presbyterian Church. Those differences are present not only in our church but in our historic little Taizé chapel.

     When the first session began, Pastor Karen asked us to close our eyes. After a few minutes we were asked to relate the first things we saw. Of course there were favorite things. But it wasn’t long before it became clear that as worship appointments were named, the Lutheran worship fundamentals were present, from Jesus on the cross, to the impressive lectern from which we hear the word, to the altar, to the communion table, along with candles, incense and a source of music, augmented by numerous icons that depict scenes from both the Old and New Testaments.

     Pastor Karen will continue these sessions at 9:45 a.m. in the Taizé Chapel during the month of October.
And there’s much more in store as we begin this fall season.

  • Our popular, annual Dessert Tea Room held in conjunction with the Preservation Society of Charleston is set for Oct. 14. Your desserts and your help are needed. Please contact Kay Winnett.
  • Our Stewardship Commitment dinner is Oct. 16. Please don’t miss this meeting that is so important to the life of our church.
  • And it’s also important and fun to “Mix and Mingle” with your fellow disciples in our beautiful Parsonage and garden. The “Mingle” is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 11.

     And, back to the two-service question, Council was advised at its September meeting that the Worship and Music committee will have a recommendation for Council at its October meeting. Members have been given an opportunity via a questionnaire and three forums to express their views. If you have missed those opportunities and want to express your view on whether we should continue two services—9 and 11 a.m., have one combined service either at 10, 11 or some other time, please send a message to the church office.

     Meanwhile, don’t miss Pastor Karen’s eye opening sessions on our liturgy. It will make our service more meaningful, regardless of the time.

The St. Johannes Call Committee has completed the paperwork required by the S.C. Synod regarding the call of a new pastor. The Synod has now provided the name of a candidate and the interview process has begun.